Learn From Our Seasoned Professionals
Learn From Our Seasoned Professionals

Trusts and Beyond

If you want to learn the basics of Trust management as well as advanced strategies to potentially help you reap the benefits, avoid costly pitfalls & debunk the myths surrounding Trusts & estate planning, we are the consultants for you.

  • Why having a will means you WILL go to probate.
  • Why most ultra-wealthy individuals own NOTHING
  • Why integrating your estate, tax, & investment plans is so important.
  • Why having a revocable trust may cost you more in taxes.
  • Why your retirement plans (IRA’s, etc) should be directed toward your trust, and how to do it– the RIGHT way.
Whether you are the trustee of your own trust, or a successor trustee of someone else’s trust, there are proper and improper decisions and methods to trust & estate management that could leave lasting effects on generations!
NetVEST Financial, LLC is an independent wealth and estate management firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona who serves the needs of clients in nearly all 50 states. Our philosophy consists of a 360-degree approach to wealth planning– the uniting of investment management, tax planning, and estate management strategies.

About the founder:

Do you TRULY know how to manage a trust?
NetVEST Financial, LLC is an independent wealth and estate management firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

John M. Cartolano is the founder and managing member of NetVEST Financial, LLC (“NetVEST”). A Registered Representative with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, John has been providing straight-forward investment and estate planning advice to Arizona individuals, families and businesses for over 30 years.

After witnessing the lack of educational follow-through by various law firms and other trust drafting companies, Mr. Cartolano decided to fill the need. He has been providing educational trust seminars across the Valley for over a decade to address the questions that many people have before, as well as after creating a trust.

As a veteran estate planner, Mr. Cartolano has reviewed thousands of trust documents and has seen numerous cases in which people’s good intentions and the net worth of their estates were damaged by motived legal advice, estate taxes, creditors, divorce, litigation, improper trust funding, incorrect or incomplete trust documents, and oftentimes just a lack of understanding on the subject in general.

Mr. Cartolano is not an estate planning attorney. He provides the education, creative strategies and foundation for an experienced estate planning attorney or legal document preparation company (both of whom NetVEST has long-standing relationships with) to draft the right documents.

Mr. Cartolano founded NetVEST in 1996 to unite professionals from the three disciplines of Investment Management, Estate Planning, and Tax Planning/Preparation. He was one of the pioneers of this holistic style of firm, which allows clients the benefit of fewer miscommunications between professionals, as well as the confidence of knowing everyone is on the same page regarding their unique situation.

NetVEST has long been a member of excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and is an accomplished financial services firm in Arizona. Mr. Cartolano has consistently been a top performing advisor with his broker/dealer firm, and has been recognized as such throughout his distinguished career.

John Cartolano offers securities through Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, advisory services through Summit Financial Group Inc & NetVest Financial LLC, and estate planning services through Trusts & Beyond. Summit and Cetera are affiliated and under separate ownership from any other named entity. Summit and Cetera do not offer trust services, estate planning or legal services.