The Good,
The Bad,
& The Unexplained
The Good,
The Bad,
& The Unexplained
We invite you and an adult guest to a compelling dinner seminar specifically designed to inform you about reaping the benefits, avoiding the most frequent and costly pitfalls, and debunking the myths surrounding trusts and estate planning.

Thurs., Jan. 9 - 6:00pm

16489 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Tues., Jan. 14 - 6:00pm

8852 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Whether you have no plan whatsoever or a complex trust…this presentation will cover the estate management strategies your professionals may not have shared with you. This seminar is for educational purposes only. No products of any kind will be promoted or sold. We give these presentations to provide what we feel is imperative information to the public, while allowing you to get a feel for our firm– “to kick the tires”– so to speak.
You will learn:
  • Why only having a will means going to probate
  • How to split a revocable trust when your spouse passes away
  • Why savvy affluent families actually own nothing (but in reality have everything!)
  • How to protect your heirs from creditors, predators, divorce, litigation & claims
  • How to integrate your investments with your estate & tax plan — it’s imperative!
  • Why having a revocable trust may cost you MORE in taxes
More Information:
The length of the entire seminar is approximately two hours, and speaker John Cartolano, as well as host Jayson Walker, are available after the seminar to answer any of your specific questions. Dinner is 3 courses, with several entree and dessert options. We also accommodate vegetarian needs upon request.

We recommend you wear what you would feel comfortable wearing in a fine dining establishment. Please do bring a jacket or sweater, as the rooms tend to be on the cold side.

Our seminar is not intended for the education of financial, legal, or real estate professionals. Professionals may attend, for a fee. For cost and more information, please contact our office at 602-230-8222. In addition, since seating is limited, and we do our best to ensure space for those who have not seen our presentation, our seminar is limited to first-time adult attendees only please.

Even with the help of an attorney, 90% of estate plans will fail when they are needed.
– Alexis Martin Neely, attorney, best-selling author and legal commentator
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Since seating is limited, and we do our best to ensure space for those who have not seen our presentation, our seminar is limited to first-time adult attendees only please. This seminar is not intended for financial, legal or real-estate professionals. Professionals wishing to attend may inquire about attending for an educational fee.